Friday, July 22, 2011

Mis(s)Adventure, Trial and Tribulation 17: You are vely lomantic

My good friend Ms A thinks I’m a romantic person. I’d like to agree with her. But there are times when I’m a kill joy too.

While I happily do stupid (yeah, very often that’s equivalent to romantic) things to people I love. But then sometimes my pride and sensibilities would stop me from letting romantic things happen.

Last time I refused a gentlemanly offer of a piggy back - only to regret it right away.

Something similar happened a few nights ago.

He decided he needed a quiet night and so we just had dinner at his place and then watched TV. Much later, we both got bored and went up to the roof for some fresh air. There, standing by the railing under the moonlight, looking over the quiet streets, he said something that should have been quite cute and romantic. The next thing I know, I just totally ruined it by shooting a “don’t be silly” at him. Again, I regretted it immediately. 

The rest of the evening passed unceremoniously.

I woke up the next morning, wondering if I’ll ever learn a lesson.

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