Monday, November 29, 2010

Mis(s)Adventure, trial and tribulation 12: Star struck

Another normal week night.

Met up with Ms A for dinner in Soho. We ate so much that we had to take a walk before we could sit down again for a drink and more gossips.

We ended up shopping on a full stomach. Not a good idea.

After that, we settled in a small bar and continued bitching about our lives.

I was talking about how a certain someone disappointed me yet again. Five minutes later, that someone appeared in the bar. He was surprised to see me. So was I. I thought he said he was sick? Right, alcohol is the ultimate cure for all sickness.

Later his friend joined us as well. What a talkative guy. In about a drink’s time he probably mentioned the words “my ex” 50 times. And he wasn’t even talking about his relationship problems. How did he do that? Weird.

Soon, Ms A was tired and left. To escape from the talkative guy, I went to join the disappointing guy and his friends’ conversation, only to find yet another talkative guy!

And so one more drink later, they all decided to go to another bar - the bar that I shouldn’t go to. Let’s just say I’ve had enough drinks to throw caution in the wind.

There, my dear disappointing friend was busy socializing with the regulars as if I wasn’t even there. But he does that every time and I am not surprised any more. Once again, I was stuck with talkative guy number one.

Again the words “my ex” appeared too many times. Soon I realized he was trying to let me know who his ex really is. He kept letting off information about the ex.

She’s a pop singer.

Well as he seemed so eager to make me realize who he had dated, of course I didn’t say a thing. I would not give him that “wow your ex is a pop star!” satisfaction.

When I had a quiet moment with the disappointing friend much later, I told him about this. And he said “Yeah, and seems like he cannot get over that till now.” Note that it’s get over THAT as opposed to HER. Hm...

P.S. I didn’t get poisoned at the bar I’m not supposed to go to. But still I should stay away...

P.P.S.  The talkative guy pissed off the resident queen that night. I begin to wonder whether it’s because the queen saw me there or that he’s just always hard to please. But do I care?

P.P.P.S.  The next morning I wore my new skirt. It was a bit too loose! I’ll never buy clothes on a full stomach !

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