Monday, September 27, 2010

Mis(s)Adventure, trial and tribulation 10: barred from the bar

Girl B was smiling when she saw boy A. But as she saw girl S entered the bar after him, her face froze. But for boy A, it didn’t matter. He went over and talked to her and other friends as usual. Then it got too noisy at the bar and so boy A and girl S decided to go somewhere else.  

A few hours, several bars and some drinks later, boy A and girl S were back at that bar. Things seemed all right. Boy A was talking to his friends while girl S talked nonchalantly with her new acquaintances at the other end of the bar. Soon girl S walked over to boy A and before she knew it, girl B came and shouted at him. She needed a word. Girl S was shocked and thought, “Oh dear, I shouldn't be here.”

The two went out.

Girl S felt the cold stare from certain regulars at the bar and didn’t know what she should do. In the end, she followed everyone to another club. On the way, they saw the two were still “having a word” on the street.

At that dark and noisy club, girl S couldn’t contain herself and started sobbing, then crying. She didn’t want to go home and yet she knew it was kind of stupid staying there. Someone came over to try and calm her down. But it was useless, all she wanted to see was him.

Eventually he came. But she didn’t even know what to say to him anymore. 

“Is that my fault?” she asked him.


“What have I done?”

****     ****     ****
A couple of days later, girl S went to see boy A as he was getting started with his work. As they were chatting, someone came in and guess what, it’s girl B. 

 She said hi to him and then stormed out.

 The two of them were actually quite calm this time, albeit a little ill at ease. 

 For boy A, things probably will stay the same, if not worse.

 For girl S, things probably won’t change either, except that she won’t be going to that bar again for fear of getting poisoned or screamed at or stared at by people whom she doesn’t even know.

 For girl B, things will stay the same too. Because, if boy A doesn’t change, what else could these girls do?   

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