Monday, August 16, 2010

Mis(s)Adventure, trial and tribulation 9: The boring girl

The night got off to a bad start.

I was meant to meet the girls in Soho for dinner. Instead of walking all the way up from Central, I took a bus to Caine Road and walked down hill, in my 4-inch heels. Suddenly my legs went jelly and I tripped. Not a good sight. Luckily it was one of the quieter roads in the area and not many people saw me.

After the dinner, I dragged one of the girls to another bar for one more drink while I waited for Mr A to finish work and join me. As us two girls were busy bitching about our lives, the guy at the end of bar kept talking to us. He was a bit drunk and we tried our best to be polite and gave a nod or an a-ha here and there. It was obviously not good enough for him and he came over and sat next to me.

Would you like to come home with me? My place is just nearby and its very comfortable.

Wow, that was very direct. Thanks but no, thanks.

You know, Im better than most people.

I was so tempted to ask how did he find out but I bit my tongue.

And I play music too.

I hope he didnt mean playing music while doing it...

By this time I must had said enough nos and he finally stopped trying. And so we could continue our girl talk.

A minute later, the guy stood up and yelled at the bar manager, who had been watching this funny scene over at the bar with another customer.

OK, Im leaving. This place is boring. These people are boring. And Im not paying for this boring drink!

The bar manager found it quite amusing and I guess the guy is a regular so by the third time he said the bar was really boring, the manager just went, Yeah, OK, you dont need to pay for the drink.

Shortly after this scene, A finally made his appearance and my girl friend soon left. While he was busy talking to some other friends at the other side of the bar, the guy who had been sitting at the bar and watched all the previous drama started talking to me.

Hey boring girl, do you want to play Backgammon?

Er, no.


Because Im boring.

This boring conversation dragged on for a bit longer than I wanted.

Eventually A returned. The guy then asked A if I was his girlfriend.

Funny you should ask that, I thought.

No, we both said.

The rest of the night was a bit hazy. I managed to piss off the resident queen there without knowing why (and how). And then we were off to Wan Chai for a few more drinks. Came back to that little bar afterwards for more. By the time we left those crazy party people behind, the sun was rising.

What a night for a boring girl like me!

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