Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mis(s)Aventure, trial and tribulation 6: une aventure la plus conne

I’ve been waiting for that day. We have planned to go to this show for a couple of months now. At first he’s not even sure if he’ll be able to make it but one thing led to another, we’re all set… 
We were supposed to meet up and have dinner before going. I was getting ready when I got his text. “Don’t think I’ll have dinner. Sorry. Let’s meet at 7.15”. 
Actually I’ve sensed that he’s keeping a distance (again) for a couple of weeks already. 
On the train ride, feeling lonely and sad, I kept silent and was lost in my thoughts. He stroked my arm gently. Suddenly I remembered I have this mole on my arm. Curiously, it’s in the shape of Australia. It has faded with time and you can hardly see it now. I almost forgot about this totally. 
Is it time for our MissAdventure to fade out? 
p.s. sorry there’s no punch line in this edition of Mis(s)Adventure. Just not in the right mood today…

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