Friday, February 5, 2010

The birth of Mis(s)Adventure

Lately I’ve been feeling the blues which isn’t very me. So a dear friend J said I should try and do something fun, something I enjoy so I could keep my mind off the things and persons that don’t really deserve all my time and energy.
The two of us talked about a million things and suddenly J said, “Why don’t you write something?”
“Well, writing is part of my job. I don’t always find it inspiring or interesting...”
“But you got all these funny stories about those crazy people you see.”
That’s true though. In fact some of these silly encounters were already in my other blog.
Mis(s)Adventure 不定期連載之一:一般見識
Mis(s)Adventure 不定期連載之二:一個電話 | Mis(s)Adventure, trial and tribulation 2: a phone call
Mis(s)Adventure 不定期連載之三: What have I done to deserve this
Mis(s)Adventure 不定期連載之四: Why are you speaking in Mandarin?
Mis(s)Adventure 不定期連載之五:新年快樂 | Mis(s)Adventure, trial and tribulation 5: Happy New Year
And now it seems the right time to give more space to Mis(s)Adventure.
P.S. This is also a good excuse for me to go out party more often ;p

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