Monday, February 7, 2011

Mis(s)Adventure, trial and tribulation 15: mystery solved


My phone was ringing.

Who the feck calls at 7:15?” I cursed and then I saw it’s a blocked number. I ignored the call and went back to sleep. Then the phone beeped. This time I got a text message.

Hm... I’ve seen this very same text before. It’s not a friendly message at all and had something to do with the guy who’s now next to me.

Wow, what have you done this time?” I said as I passed the phone to the guy.

Apparently he didn’t know why the mysterious person is sending the same message almost a year after. And so we tried to get back to sleep again.

Suddenly he asked to read the message again.

Oh, so it was her!” he said angrily.

What? Who?”

It’s the girl from THE bar. You know, the bar I shouldn’t set foot to and yet I ended up going there again the night before.

I suppose my being in her “territory” was enough to trigger her to do such weird thing and blow her cover by using her own phone number this time.

The guy was really pissed off, thinking he’s been betrayed by someone he trusts.

She also called the guy a few times and left messages to ask him to call back. “Crazy. She’s the one asking me to just get out of the bar last night! And now she wants to speak to me!”

Oh, so that’s why he was leaving the bar all of a sudden. Hm...

I said nothing. I can understand that she is upset. To her, I’m probably the evil. To me, we’re just the same. Why get angry? And to him…

I’m not going to that bar again!” he said. “Well I mean I’ll still go there but won’t be talking to her.”

I was like, whatever. I’ll wait and see how long he can stand not talking to her.

So that mystery was solved. But still a lot of old questions were left unanswered.

Never mind.

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